NY Startup ScrollMotion Plans To Build Textbooks For The iPad

Josh Koppel, Cofounder and CEO of ScrollMotion

New York startup ScrollMotion has secured deals with textbook makers to adapt their books for the iPad, the Wall Street Journal reports.

ScollMotion has deals with companies like McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12, Pearson Education to build new applications for the iPad.

Textbook adaptation is more than just plugging in text to an application. It appears as though publishers, and Apple, envision bigger, more interactive features.

That’s where ScrollMotion comes in. ScrollMotion already makes an e-book reader application for the iPhone.

Getting students to use e-textbooks has been discussed for years. So far, students prefer physical books. Amazon has tried to turn the Kindle DX into an e-textbook reader, but nobody was interested.

What’s unclear is how this fits with Apple’s iBookstore. Will the books be offered in there? Or will it be in iTunes U? Or will these be applications in the App Store?

We’re scheduling a talk with ScrollMotion for later today, so we’ll have more clarity on this later.

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