Another Football Player Gave Away A Touchdown Because He Dropped The Ball Too Soon

Texas Tech had a crucial touchdown reversed when a player inexplicably dropped the ball before crossing the goal line. The gaffe came late in the fourth quarter and nearly cost the Red Raiders a chance to win the game.

DeAndre Washington appeared to score a go-ahead touchdown on a long catch-and-run. But the replay official overturned the call when it was clear he dropped the ball before actually scoring. Luckily for Texas Tech, the officials gave the ball to Tech at the half-yard line instead of ruling the fumble a touchback. They would score three plays later and go on to win 20-10.

But maybe the most disturbing part of this play is that it is not rare. In fact we saw it just last week when Danny Trevathan of the Denver Broncos also dropped the ball before the endzone on what should have been an easy touchdown. Unfortunately, as more players become more obsessed with touchdown celebrations and get anxious to perform them, this is probably not going away…

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