This school wanted to teach boys about 'college and careers' while female students had 'girl talk'

An elementary school in Texas is in hot water after sending out a newsletter that detailed a gender-specific curriculum: children would be divided by gender and only the boys would be taught about “careers and college.” 

Earlier in September, Borchardt Elementary School’s guidance counselor emailed parents a newsletter detailing the curriculum their children would be taught in the coming month, WFAA reports

Here’s a snapshot of the newsletter.

According to the newsletter, fourth grade boys would be learning about “college and career exploration,” while their female classmates discussed “confidence.” 

“Confidence — how do we get it?” the newsletter says under the “girls” section. “Can we have to much?”

The gender disparity only seemed to get worse for the fifth grade students. Again, while the male students would learn about “careers, salaries, and living expenses,” the female students would be having “more girl talk.”

“We will be discussing friends,” the newsletter explained. “How do we form lasting relationships?”

After receiving the newsletter, several parents called the school with concerns, WFAA also reports. Since then, representatives from Borchardt have reportedly explained that it was always the school’s intention to teach male and female students the same curriculum, spread out throughout the academic year. A revised newsletter was sent out to reflect this. 

“Girls and boys in these grades will take part in guidance lessons separately, but both groups will cover the same topics,” Borchardt’s principal explained. “Lessons may be slightly staggered in the timing of their delivery, but all students will have the same exposure to the same guidance curriculum during the course of the year.”

Tech Insider has reached out Borchardt Elementary and we’ll update if we hear back. 

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