Texas Revealed Coach's Affair With A Student For Fear Of Getting Sued

Major Applewhite, Mack Brown

Photo: AP Images

Late on Friday night, the University of Texas revealed that assistant football coach Major Applewhite had an “inappropriate” relationship with a student in 2009. While there are still some unanswered questions about how the situation was handled, according to George Schroeder of USAToday.com, the university is coming clean because they are afraid they will be sued by a former women’s track coach who was forced to resign.A source told Schroeder that “a potential lawsuit” by Bev Kearney pushed the school to inform the university’s Board of Regents about Applewhite’s indiscretion with a team trainer during the team’s 2009 Fiesta Bowl trip and his subsequent punishment. Kearney was forced to resign last year after it was revealed that she had an affair with an athlete in 2002.

Applewhite’s punishment consisted of having his salary frozen for one year and a letter of reprimand. Kearney was forced to resign just after the women’s athletic director had recommended that Kearney receive a new long-term contract and a significant raise from $270,000 to $397,000 per year.

The Board of Regents met after being informed of Applewhite’s affair and later announced that there would be a “review of policies regarding faculty and staff relationships with students.”

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