This Is What A $60 Million High School Football Stadium Looks Like

Allen High School in Allen, Texas will play their first home game in their brand new $60 million football stadium later this month. The stadium, which holds 18,000 is expected to be sold out all season, with over 8,000 season tickets sold. For comparison there were 17 Division I-A (FBS) football teams that averaged less than 18,000 fans per game in 2011.

The $60 million stadium was part of a $119 million bond package that was earmarked for new construction projects by the school district, and approved by voters. This particular package came only after it was determined that all other building needs in the district had been met.

In other words, they had an extra $60 million laying around that had to be used on construction of a new building, so they built a new football stadium.

And this is what it looks like…


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