These gay Texas shopkeepers closed early to get married, and the note they left went viral while they said 'I do'

Earlier today, the two men who own Red Pegasus Comics and Games in Dallas, Texas, put a sign on their door that the shop would be opening late.

Their reason: the pair was headed to the courthouse to finally get married. 

The couple, Kenneth Denson and Gabriel Mendez, didn’t even know whether gay marriage would pass today. But they crossed their fingers and headed to a Dallas courthouse early this morning in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s ruling. 

“We had a feeling today was going to be the day, so we headed to the courthouse an hour before the ruling,” Kenneth Denson, one of the store’s owners, told Business Inisder. 

Here’s what the sign looked like on the shop’s door. 



The picture became popular on the /r/pics subreddit, where it has scored 5,093 upvote points since being shared around noon on Friday. 


Here’s a picture of the shop owners waiting in line at the courthouse. Twitter users recognised them from their shirts, which are emblazoned with the Red Pegasus logo. As evidenced by the photo, they weren’t the only ones hoping today would be the day.



“After about an hour of waiting, somebody yelled, ‘We got it!’ and the whole place just went nuts,” Denson explained.  

That was when the real waiting began. Denson and Mendez stood patiently while the district attorney and county clerk discussed marriage licenses. 

“It was completely exciting,” Denson said of the long day. “We’d already waited for years, so what difference was another hour at that point?”

After two hours, the couple finally got their licence and were legally married by a judge. 

Here’s a tweet from couple, who used the popular hashtag #LOVEWINS to share their news. 



People on social media were excited to congratulate the couple and share in celebrating their big day. One Twitter user, Kristin Bomba, even offered to bake the couple a wedding cake. 



It appears that Bomba made good on her cake offer and baked the couple a celebratory dessert. Here’s a picture of the wedding cake. 



In addition to the wedding cake, the couple has recieved many other gifts and well wishes from complete strangers. 

“There are emails it will take the rest of the night to respond to and somebody I’ve never seen before just walked onto our front porch with flowers,” Denson said. “Three people in the UK have said that they are sending us gifts and that we should know that we are loved. It’s amazing.”

As for the store, Red Pegasus Games and Comics is officially open for business. Here’s a tweet the couple shared celebrating their nuptials.


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