Texas A&M Is Threatening To Sue The Denver Broncos Over A Flag Flown During Playoff Game

Texas A&M 12th Man

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Prior to the Denver Broncos playoff win on Sunday, a man parachuted into the stadium with a flag that read “12th man,” in reference to the Broncos fans. And now, Texas A&M is threatening to sue the Broncos for trademark infringement.After the flag was shown during the broadcast, Texas A&M’s vice president for marketing and communications took to Twitter to let the Broncos know that they will be hearing from the school’s legal team. Yes, Twitter…

FYI Broncos, the 12th Man belongs to Texas A&M. We saw the flag today and will defend our trademark.

Cook spoke with the Texas Tribune after the game and explained his stance. “The 12th man is synonymous with Texas A&M University,” said Cook. “We take the protection of our marks very seriously. They are part of our intellectual property at the institution.”

A&M does indeed have a trademark on the “12th Man” in reference to their fans, and has previously sued the Seattle Seahawks over use of the term. Of course, the Seahawks used the term over a long period of time, and even retired the number in honour of their fans. The Broncos flew a flag for one game.