Tests On Melbourne Taxi Drivers Confirm What Everyone Suspects: They Have No Clue

A taxi at Melbourne’s Flinders St Station / Alex Proimos, Wikimedia Commons

After nearly 99% of Melbourne’s taxi drivers failed a knowledge test, the rules are being changed to give cabbies eight chances to pass the quiz.

The test was introduced in July last year and must be completed by all new drivers as well as those with less than five years’ experience in the Victorian capital.

The ABC reported cabbies were complaining the test was too hard when just six out of 444 drivers passed the test since it was implemented.

Previously drivers had two chances to pass the test which includes three parts covering general and geographical knowledge as well as behaviour and customer service.

Drivers have to answer 55 questions for each section in an hour and must also show a satisfactory understanding of the English language.

There’s more here.

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