Testra Is 'Gouging' Customers, Set To Pay 500% More For International Calls

Getty/Cameron Spencer

Telstra’s 15.3 million mobile subscribers could pay as much as 500% more for answering international calls in over 180 countries as part of the telcos new roaming rates.

The greatest increase will be felt in Portugal where an incoming international call will jump 426%, from 76¢ to $4, New Zealand, Indonesia and other parts of Europe will also see a rates spike.

While rates for answering calls in the UK will increase from 70¢ to $2, and in Ireland 77¢ to $2.50.
The changes have contradicted Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently drafted legislation to target “the global roaming rip-off”.

Tony Simmons of Full Circle, a company that advises corporates on how to reduce telco bills, has accused Telstra of “gouging” to protect its profit margins on roaming.

“They are bringing pricing up to the highest common denominator rather than the lowest to protect their margins at the expense of customers,” Simmons told The Sydney Morning Herald.

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