Take this quiz to see if you know more about the state of the world than Bill Gates

War, poverty, and despair will always dominate the headlines, but if you look at the statistics, the world is getting better for the vast majority of people.

As a result of his philanthropy in the developing world, Bill Gates knows this better than anyone. But even Gates doesn’t know all the statistics.

On his Gates Notes blog, Gates recently posted a World IQ Quiz challenging readers to answer 10 questions about the state of the planet. At the end, see how you compare to Gates, who scored a 9 out of 10.


Gates created his quiz to coincide with an upcoming meeting at the United Nations, where world leaders will come up with development goals for the next 15 years. These “Global Goals” will be a crucial benchmark for countries fighting the ongoing battle against poverty and all of its accompanying ills.

But until these big goals are unveiled, revel in the Gates quiz, which reveals just how far we’ve come already.

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