This Honda Accord has a Tesla motor

This old Honda is powered by a Tesla motor. Tesla + Honda = Teslonda. The Teslonda can go from 0-60 mph in 2.45 seconds. That’s faster than the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Hurac├ín. Following is a transcript of the video.

Jim Belosic: My name is Jim Belosic and I own a small software company, but what I really love to do is to modify and restore cars. I’ve been modifying cars since I could walk. But, after recently experiencing some electric cars, I thought, “Whoa, this is totally the future and I need to learn everything I can about it.”

A Chevy Volt battery pack powers the Teslonda. There is a retro-style dash. It’s inspired by arcade games of the 90’s. The dash displays the best 0-60 mph times as high scores.

Jim Belosic: I think a lot of guys are kinda nervous about electric cars. When you’ve been working on V8’s forever you kinda go, “Hey what about the sound? What about the performance?” Teslonda has kinda shown them that you can still have a helluva lot of fun and do something that’s gonna blow everyone’s mind. I think because of how it looks, people don’t really have high expectations for how it’s gonna perform. So, when they see it, and when they see it move into the distance very, very quickly they’re kind of shocked. I think that the spirit of hot rodding will never go away, regardless of what the power plant is. You can still do an engine swap. You can still keep your chassis that you love and the body design from the 60’s or 70’s or whatever you love and modernise it, and make it better than it ever was. I hope that by the time my son is old enough to drive I’ll be wrenching with him in the garage on electrics the same way that my dad wrenched with me on my first cars. Maybe we’ll take his outdated Nissan Leaf and hop up the motor, and change the inverter out. Maybe we’ll try and get 400 kilowatts out of the motor. So, there is still a future in hot rodding, and for me, that’s really important.

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