A wild new Tesla feature lets a car park itself without anyone in the car

Tesla car owners already get a lot of attention on the road when they cruise around in the slick, all-electric vehicles.

But now they’re sure to get even more stares, thanks to a head-turning new trick that Tesla cars can perform.

A new “Summon” feature allows Telsa cars to park themselves, driving completely autonomously, without anyone in the actual automobile. 

The Summon feature is part of the new 7.1 software update for the cars, released on Saturday according to Electrek.

Among the new features are user interface changes, improved collision detection and the ability to have your garage door open and close automatically, according to reports. But the Summon feature is what really stands out. 

The feature, which is apparently still in beta, allows a Tesla car to park itself without anyone actually sitting inside the car. It also allows a car owner to summon their parked vehicle, with the car driving itself  out of a garage or parking spot on its own  — so long as it’s within a distance of 39 feet. 

A Model S owner can activate the feature with the Tesla’s wireless key fob. 

It seems straight out of a science fiction movie. Here’s a video of the Summon feature in action, posted by a Tesla owner:

While the Summon feature advances Tesla’s efforts in autonomous driving, the new software update actually introduces more restrictions to some of the existing self-driving features. Tesla has apparently now restricted some of the previous autopilot features to certain types of roads and driving conditions, in the wake of user videos posted online that showed people driving recklessly with the feature. 

We’ve reached out to Tesla for more details about the new Summon feature and will update this post if we hear back. 

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