Elon Musk's Electric Car Company Did A Powerful Thing: The 'Supercharger Corridor'

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Tesla super chargerTeslaTesla super charger

As of Wednesday, Tesla owners can now travel free from San Diego to Vancouver. The company just opened what it
the “Supercharger Corridor”spanning the whole West Coast.

Tesla has placed super fast electric vehicle chargers up and down the coast. Owners of its Model S cars can use them for free.

These superchargers work 20-times faster than the typical EV charger, Tesla says. So a half-charge of a battery takes about 20 minutes, it says. Presumably that means it takes about 40 minutes to fully charge the battery.

That’s still better than hours. Tesla says it placed the super chargers in strategic places, like shopping centres or near diners, so you can dine or shop while waiting for your car to charge.

Placement of charging stations, and the time it takes to charge, is one of the reasons some people are loath to give up their gas guzzling cars. So Tesla is trying to address that problem head on, at least for Model S owners.

The company believes that about 99 per cent of Californians and 87 per cent of Oregon and Washington Model S owners are now within 200 miles of a Supercharger.

Naturally, this means that Tesla has put a car on a road trip and will be documenting the ride via Twitter and Facebook. If you see it, snap a picture and post it with the #DriveFree hashtag, Tesla will send you a T-shirt.

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