Sydney Tesla owners can now access the company's unique mobile technician service

No call-out fee. Picture: Tesla

Sydney’s Tesla Supercharger stocks just rose by 50%.

Until now, Tesla owners wanting a rapid refill had only two options – the six bays at Tesla’s St Leonard’s store to the north, and eight bays at Broadway Sydney that opened up in March.

Things were looking dire just over a year ago when The Star shut down the charging station in its car park in inner city Sydney after disputes about how long owners could park at the site for free.

But a press release through this morning says that “as part of Tesla’s expansion in Australia leading up to the release of Model 3 in 2019, Tesla has officially launched mobile servicing and a new Service and Delivery centre in Alexandria”.

“In addition, Tesla is continuing to expand our Supercharger network across the country.”

World’s cleanest garage, Alexandria. Picture: Tesla

The most recent supercharger opened in Narooma, on the NSW south coast, and has at least 18 more planned.

Currently, you can drive from Adelaide to Brisbane using Superchargers, and the complete trip around Australia using public and private regular chargers was only recently completed.

The part that will probably most prick Tesla owners’ ears up though is the introduction of mobile servicing to Australia.

The program, which gets a Tesla technician to your car at home or at work – and at the same price you’d pay in a garage – has until now only been available in the US, UK and New Zealand.

Tesla claims that 80% of repairs to its cars are possible without the need to visit a service centre.

But if you do need to visit a service centre, the Alexandria site at 118 Bourke Road will service the Model S and X, host the Supercharger and become the primary delivery centre for Tesla in Sydney.

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