Tesla could surprise everyone and reveal another vehicle at its big semi-truck event tonight

Elon muskReuters StaffTesla CEO Elon Musk presents the Model 3 at a handover party in Fremont, California on July 28.
  • Tesla is unveiling its all-electric big rig on Thursday evening.
  • A recent report suggests the company also has other prototype vehicles to unveil.
  • Other known vehicles the company is working on include a compact SUV, a pick-up truck, and a new Roadster.

Tesla is set to unveil its electric big-rig truck on Thursday evening, but that’s not the only concept vehicle it has in the works.

In a recent Rolling Stones interview with CEO Elon Musk, writer Neil Strauss said he got a first look at the big rig, as well as other prototype vehicles.

In Strauss’ article, he describes the area around the SpaceX campus and then begins to describe the Tesla Design Studio, which is where Musk will unveil the semi.

“But there is a particular building in Musk city that few have visited, and this is where Musk takes me. It is the Tesla Design Studio, where he’s slated to do a walkthrough of the Tesla Truck and other future vehicle prototypes with his team of designers and engineers.”

The fact that Musk was willing to show Strauss vehicles besides the semi suggests that the company could reveal other prototypes soon, possibly at the event Thursday evening.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but it would make sense for the company to show off another vehicle at the event.

The company has several vehicles in the works that it aims to begin producing by 2020. Tesla is working on a compact SUV, dubbed the Model Y, and a pick-up truck for consumers. It’s also expected to build another Roadster, though, the timeline for it is not as clear.

We’ll have to wait and see if the company reveals more than the semi, but it would be cool if the company surprised us all by driving another vehicle out of the trailer.

The event begins at 8 pm PT and will be live-streamed on the company’s website.

Business Insider will be covering the event, so check back for updates.

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