Tesla's newest Supercharger stations are the largest in the US and offer a futuristic spin on the traditional rest stop

Tesla superchargerAlexis Georgeson/TeslaA Tesla Model S parked at a Supercharger station.
  • Tesla is opening up two of its largest-ever Supercharger stations in California, featuring 40 Superchargers in Kettleman City and Baker.
  • The Kettleman City location also has an ultra-modern private customer lounge.
  • The two new stations will serve heavily travelled routes between San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Tesla on Wednesday announced its newest, largest Supercharger stations in the US. The two new California hubs — one in Kettleman City and the other in Baker — have 40 Supercharger stalls and some creature comforts for Tesla drivers travelling on the open road.

The new stations are situated off highways along the heavily travelled Los Angeles-to-San-Francisco and Los Angeles-to-Las-Vegas routes, and the one in Kettleman City, a common midpoint for travelling moving between Southern California and the Bay Area reimagines the traditional American rest stop.

Tesla built a private customer lounge, family recreational space, and a separate area for pets at the Kettleman City location. There is solar covered parking on-site, food and drinks, restrooms, Wi-Fi, and an apparel shop as well. To ensure the Kettleman City lounge is a Tesla-only club; an access code will be delivered via your Tesla touchscreen.

The new stations serve a clearly functional purpose, especially as a new generation of Tesla owners prepare to hit the road in the mass-market Model 3. The new stations are also part and parcel of Tesla’s top-shelf luxury sensibilities, as CEO Elon Musk noted previously.

At the time of this writing, there are more than 1,040 Supercharger stations worldwide. There are Supercharger stations coast-to-coast in North America, and in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia — with many more to come.

In the US, Tesla has also focused on bringing more charging stations to urban areas and cities typically underserved in the electric-vehicle market.

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