WATCH: What it's like to drive Tesla on Autopilot

On Thursday, Tesla rolled out a software update to bring self-driving capabilities to its newer models.

Speaking at a press conference the day before the reveal CEO Elon Musk talked about the new Autopilot functionality how it differs from similar cruise control and lane-keeping systems from Audi and Mercedes.

This was his answer: “When one car learns something, the whole fleet learns it,” Musk said.

According to Fred Lambert from Electrek, Musk referred to the first round of Model S owners with Autopilot as “expert trainers” that will collect and deliver tons of important data for Tesla’s intelligence network. Musk said the system should improve each week as the driving algorithm constantly updates, adding Model S drivers could add around 1 million miles of new data every day. Read more about that here.

And he’s not wrong. Business Insider drove a Tesla on the new Autopilot mode, and it was a trip.

Watch us try it out here.

Produced by Matt Johnston

Now, learn more about Tesla’s new Autopilot functionality here.

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