Tesla cars will get a major update next year that owners will love

  • Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla cars will receive an update to their map and navigation systems in early 2018.
  • He added that Tesla is in the middle of testing the update.
  • Musk also hinted that more software updates might be on the way.

While Elon Musk’s plans for fully-autonomous cars are likely a few years away, Tesla owners may benefit from a major update soon.

Musk told a Twitter user on Thursday that Tesla is going to update its map and navigation systems in early 2018, and said that the update will be “light-years ahead of [the] current system.”

After the Twitter user noted a lack of navigation updates over the past three years, Musk said Tesla is in the middle of testing its new system.

Musk also hinted that other Tesla updates may be on the way. After linking to a Consumer Reports survey that named Tesla as the top car brand in “owner satisfaction,” Musk said that new software is “coming soon.”

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