Spy Video Catches Tesla Test Driving Its Unreleased SUV On A Dirt Road In California

Tesla appears to be testing its first SUV — the long-delayed, heavily-anticipated Model X — on a dirt road in Alameda, California, based on a new video surfaced by YouTube user Juan del Real.

Del Real says he was at the local Alameda Skatepark when he “just happened to notice the Model X being driven on the adjacent runway.” Electrek’s Seth Weintraub, who also owns the popular 9to5 blogs, points out this appears to be the same test track previously used by “Mythbusters.”

In the video, you can see the driver test the acceleration and brakes of the car by speeding up and then coming to a complete stop. You can then see the driver drive the car in several tight circles, likely to test the car’s handling, as well as its brakes. 

The car also appears to be partially camouflaged, likely done intentionally to disguise the design of the car. That said, the car’s design is probably yet to be finalised.

Tesla has yet to confirm if this prototype vehicle is theirs, but we’ve reached out to the company. The car could also be Tesla’s Model 3 design, which is said to be an affordable sedan that will cost $US35,000, but that’s highly unlikely. At the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk intimated that the Model 3 is a long ways off, and will likely be available by 2020.

The Model X, however, will be unveiled later this year, according to Musk.

“This car is really good,” he said. “I don’t say these things lightly.”

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