Everything we know about Tesla's next car

After three years, Tesla Motors is poised to officially unveil the Model X — its first new car since the wildly popular Model S sedan — later this year. Soon, even!

Tesla says it plans to ship its first units of the Model X in September.

Tesla is one of the most innovative auto companies in the world. Starting with the Tesla Roadster, every car the company has released is fully electric, emphasising luxury and innovative technology features. The Model X will reportedly follow that same successful formula.

But what can customers expect from Tesla’s first ever crossover utility vehicle? We’ve rounded up everything we know to give you a better idea of Tesla’s Model X.

The Tesla Model X will reportedly weigh about 10% more than the Model S sedan, which weighs between 4,600 and 4,800 pounds. So, the Model X should weigh over 5,000 pounds. That's well over two tons!


The Model X comes with all-wheel drive standard, which promises 'unparalleled traction control in all conditions.' The Model S has all-wheel drive optionally.


Tesla introduced 'autopilot' in its Model S early this year. Based on spy footage of the new car, it's likely the Model X will feature a more advanced version of this technology, which helps cars navigate traffic, avoid obstacles, and obey the rules of the road like road signs and speed limits. It's more of an assistive mode -- you can't just put in an address and have the car whisk you to your destination.


The 'Falcon Wing' doors on the Tesla Model X are hinged on the roof rather than the sides 'to allow easy access to third row seats.'

Alex Davies/Business Insider

The Model X will reportedly come in the same range configurations as the Model S: 70kW•h (~250 miles) or 85kW•h (~270 miles). Don't expect to take any cross-country trips without stopping a few times to recharge.


Tesla hopes to start shipping its first units in September -- at least that's what company leadership said in its last letter to shareholders, . But since Tesla is reportedly running behind schedule, its aiming to fill existing reservations first; anyone reserving a Model X right now will likely need to wait until early 2016 for delivery.

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