The Tesla Model S might soon get a bunch of new features

Model S

Just last week we reported on rumours that the Tesla Model S would soon be seeing a bunch of new changes to its interior and exterior design. Now, The Verge has reported that a new 100 kWh power option and the Model X’s Bioweapon Defence Mode will also be available on yet-to-be-released Model S’.

Currently, the most you can power you can get with a Model S is 90 kWh in a 90D or a P90D model. If a 100 kWh option does surface, this could mean even more range and potentially an even quicker launch time if equipped with Ludicrous Mode.

Bioweapon Defence Mode is another neat feature. Like it does in the Model X, a Bioweapon Defence Mode-equipped Model S will likely filter viruses, chemicals, bacteria, and smog much better than the car currently does and a bunch better than most other cars on sale today.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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