Tesla Motors Ships Its Second Electric Car, The Gorgeous Model S

tesla model s

Photo: Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors just hit another milestone — it began shipping its second electric car on Friday.This is a big win for CEO Elon Musk. Just a few years ago the company was close to dying. He put millions of his own dollars into the company to keep it afloat, nearly going broke in the process.

One reason Tesla has been able to survive the brutal public markets is the promise of the Model S, a more affordable, more practical electric car than the Roadster, Tesla’s previous car.

Now that car is here. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth taking a look at. If you have seen it, it’s worth another look.

Here's a front view of the Model S. You can see the Tesla Roadster, a sports car, behind it.

There are multiple models, like the Signature model — which has the longest range of the models.

The basic model is going to run you about $60,000, which goes 160 miles in a single charge.

This basic model goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just under 7 seconds.

A bunch of parts of the car are customisable, like the roof...

...which you can change to a glass cover.

You can also kit the car with 19-inch wheels...

...or 21-inch wheels. It'll cost you a hefty sum to upgrade the size of the wheels.

You can decide whether or not the car is going to have a spoiler on the back — that won't cost you anything.

Each Model S comes with a touchscreen interface that controls the interior of the car.

The whole driving area feels more like an Apple device than a traditional car.

The interior can be upgraded too — from the paneling to including an all-leather interior. This is going to cost you a lot of money too.

You can customise the Model S down to the nitty-gritty details. Each battery upgrade, which increases its range, ups the price by $10,000...

...though the full package, with the largest battery and all the accessories, is going to cost you a ton of money.

You can bet Larry Ellison, who already owns a chunk of the planet, will buy one of these...

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