Tesla is investigating a fatal Model S crash that occurred in the Netherlands

Tesla is launching an investigation into a fatal accident involving a Model S that occurred Wednesday in the Netherlands, a spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider.

A 53-year-old driver died when his Model S left the road and hit a tree at high speed, Electrek reported. The car caught on fire, and firefighters had difficulty extinguishing the flames. 

Dutch news broadcast station NOS is reporting that Tesla personnel was on the scene to determine the cause of the accident.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed Autopilot was not engaged at any time before the accident.

“We are working with the authorities to establish the facts of the incident and offer our full cooperation,” the spokesperson told Business Insider. “Thus far, we can confirm from the car’s logs that Autopilot was not engaged at any time during the drive cycle and that, consistent with the damage that was observed after the vehicle struck the tree, the vehicle was being driven more than 155 kph.”


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