Watch Tesla's New Car Absolutely Crush Last Year's Model S In A Drag Race

Tesla’s standard Model S can go 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds. But the company’s newest car, the dual-motor Model S, can reach 60mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Now we know what that difference in acceleration looks like. 

YouTube channel DragTimes, which tests the acceleration and top speeds of some of the fastest cars out there, had a drag race between a Tesla P85, the older model, and the newer dual-motor P85D.

Take notice around the 20-second mark. It’s not the cleanest start, but you can see the dual-motor Model S — the black car with the camera on top of the roof — pulls away from the red Model S in just seconds.

With its superior acceleration, Tesla’s latest Model S has been compared to some of the fastest sports cars in the world, including some high-end models from Lamborghini and Ferrari, and it’s even on par with the McLaren F1 supercar.

Kevin Babineau, the first owner of Tesla’s latest Model S, told Business Insider “the way it slots around corners and takes off, it’s racer stuff.” Here’s more from Babineau:

It’s so fast — you’re not used to experiencing that kind of speed. The first thing you do is smile and start laughing. The gentleman that was with me that came to pick it up with me, we were just laughing! The emotions that come out of that kind of speed, in that short a distance, your body’s not used to it. And it’s pulling so many G’s, it’s exciting —   it’s roller coaster stuff. It’s fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

To learn more about Tesla’s futuristic sedan, check out our breakdown of the car’s features.

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