The Tesla Model S 70D is getting a sweet new upgrade

The Tesla Model S is getting a battery upgrade.

The California Air Resource Board updated its list of vehicles eligible for single occupant carpool lane stickers to include a Tesla Model S 75D. That means the Tesla Model S 70D is getting a slight battery upgrade, from 70 kWh to 75 kWh.

The Verge is reporting the battery upgrade will give owners an extra 19 miles of range, taking it to a total range of 259 miles. Those who own a Tesla Model S will be eligible for a $3,250 battery upgrade at their nearest service station.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed to Electrek that there will be a Tesla Model S 75D option, but did not disclose a timeline. Tesla did not immediately respond to Tech Insider’s request for comment.

Tesla is known for introducing upgrades to their cars after the fact. Tesla owners were able to upgrade their cars to have new semi-autonomous features, like self-parallel park, in January. You can even try the new autopilot features for a month before committing to spending $2,500 for the upgrade.

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