One Tesla Model S owner has the best way to utilise all that extra trunk space

Since it has no engine or fuel tank, Tesla’s electric Model S sedan has a ton of space inside.

Overall, the Model S has over 31 cubic feet of total cargo volume, and you can double that amount of space simply by putting down the rear seats.

Not only do you have room in the trunk and back seat of the car, but the Model S even has a front trunk, or “frunk,” that holds over 5 cubic feet of space.

So what’s one to do with all that room?

One Model S owner shared his “frunk/trunk” strategy on Reddit Thursday: He says he keeps snacks, water, and emergency materials in the trunk of the car.

As for the frunk? He utilised that space by putting in a ball pit. Yes, a ball pit — “because Amazon 1-click and drinking is a dangerous combo.”

Not bad!

The Reddit user, who goes by the name of “tuba_man,” said the ball pit in his frunk “turned out to be handy for hanging out, and surprisingly good at transporting glassware and drinks and other fragile stuff since they have got a bunch of padding.”

Well, there you have it! The Model S can hold a ball pit — and it can even be useful! Keep this in mind if you have a car with too much trunk space.

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