Watching a Tesla Model 3 transform into a Model S is hypnotising

I could look at this GIF all day.

What you’re seeing is a blue Tesla Model S transform into a smaller Model 3, the company’s newest car that will go into production hopefully by the end of next year. The Model S is a premium electric sedan, while the Model 3 is designed to be an affordable electric car for everyone. Its price will start at $35,000 before federal tax exemptions.

This GIF captures many excellent details about the differences between the two cars, from the shape of the headlights to the design of the wheels.

The Model 3 is a bit shorter than the Model S, but the sizes of the two cabins are actually nearly identical. It helps to see still images of the cars from the GIF. Here’s the Model S:

And here’s the Model 3:

It looks like the two trunks — the one in the back, and the one in the front — are a bit shorter on the Model 3. Musk previously said the Model 3 would be about 20% smaller than the Model S, which seems to be about right if you pay attention to how the front and rear parts of the car get shorter in the GIF.

This GIF, by the way, was illustrated by a Reddit user named Qeng-Ho, who animated a previous Reddit post showing a Model S turning into a Model 3 simply so he could make the transformation effect look smoother.

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