Here's our closest look yet at how Tesla's Model 3 touchscreen works

Tesla model 3r/teslamotors/streamable/screenotA look at the Tesla Model 3 delivered in Austin, Texas.

A Tesla dealership in Austin, Texas just delivered its first Model 3 — and the occasion allowed us to get a glimpse of the Model 3’s new touchscreen display.

The display is more important than ever before as Tesla got rid of the instrument cluster for its newest vehicle. That means owners will rely solely on the display to do everything from turning on music to adjusting the side view mirrors.

The video is courtesy of Reddit user DrunkD on r/teslamotors. The news was first reported by Jalopnik.

Scroll down for a closer look at how it works:

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Here's a look at Tesla's default display menu, which is activated when you click the car icon in the lower left corner. It allows you to adjust the screen's brightness, side view mirrors, and steering wheel. You can also turn on the sedan's lights.

The driving gear can be changed using the lever behind the right side of the steering wheel. What gear you're in is then displayed on the touchscreen next to the battery symbol.

The touchscreen displays a lot of information in a minimalist fashion. The speed limit outside, for example, is displayed just below the battery icon.

Touch the car icon again and it will bring up the navigation map as well as the ability to turn on the windshield wipers. You can adjust the wiper's speed using the lever below the 'on' button. You can also activate the spray using the button next to the 'fast' option.

Here you see the front and rear defrosters, respectively.

Next are the seat heater. The icons can be pressed up to three times to change the heat intensity.

Tesla changed how you adjust the fan in the Model 3. After adjusting the temperature, click the auto button...

... And then you can move the fan nozzles using your finger on both the driver and passenger side.

Here's a look at Tesla's full music display, which has streaming and tuning options. Tesla has said the Model 3 won't get AM radio.

Tesla is working on a streaming-music service for its vehicles, so this display could become more important in the future.

The salesperson did have trouble finding some features. He said the sedan did not appear to have an FM radio option. It also hasn't been connecting to WiFi or supporting phone media streaming, he said.

The salesperson said he believes future software updates will allow the Model 3 to connect to WiFi and play music through an owner's phone.

Tesla did not immediately return Business Insider's request for comment on these features.

Tesla is currently only producing Premium Model 3 sedans. The automaker will start producing base Model 3 cars in November.

Timothy Artman/Tesla
Tesla Model 3.

Source: Business Insider

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