Tesla Makes A Surprising Amount Of Money Selling T-Shirts And Hats

tesla mens t-shirt

Tesla announced its first ever profitable quarter Wednesday night, sending the stock upĀ in after hours trading.

The company now expects to deliver 21,000 cars in 2013, up from a previous goal of 20,000.

On a press call after the numbers were released, CEO Elon Musk revealed another, more surprising, source of revenue: the sale of Tesla gear.

“Our apparel sales are not bad,” he said. Tesla makes millions of dollars selling t-shirts, hats, water bottles, and more, “without trying hard.”

Those “millions” may be insignificant compared to what Tesla makes selling cars, but they illustrate something important: popular enthusiasm for the brand.

A lot of people love Tesla. A lot of people want to own a Model S.

Now the key for continued success is keeping production up and driving costs down, so fans can become owners.

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