Tesla made 200 limited-edition surfboards that cost more than $2,000 each — and they sold out in just one day

  • Tesla just briefly had surfboards for sale on its website.
  • Each surfboard cost $US1,500 ($AU2,025), and only 200 were put up for sale.
  • Some can be found on eBay now – selling for between $US2,000 and $US5,000 each

Tesla briefly sold surfboards on its website, but if you didn’t pick up one of the $US1,500 models you’re probably out of luck – only 200 were put up for sale.

The carbon-fibre surfboards came in one style, red and black, which matches the liveries found on Tesla’s cars – the same matte and gloss paints were used.

Even those who were able to snag one before they sold out will have to wait a bit – shipping is expected to take 10 weeks, as the surfboards are made to order.

And, if you happen to own one of Tesla’s more road-friendly vehicles, the website states that “Model S, X and 3 can comfortably accommodate this surfboard on either the inside or outside of the vehicle.”

Some of the surfboards appear to be up for sale on eBay, but with a drastic increase from the retail price – some are selling for more than $US5,000.

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