Tesla Is The New Apple, Says Tesla's Newest Executive

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Photo: Tesla

Tesla is the new Apple says George Blankenship, a new Tesla executive who will be leading the company’s retail strategy.George did the same thing at Apple for many years, overseeing  where new Apple stores were opened.

“Tesla is identical to Apple in 2000,” says George. “Tesla has a great product, lots of innovation in the pipeline, and we just need to teach customers about the company.”

In 2000, Apple was just coming out with the iPod, which was a new, expensive product. “The iPod looked like a white brick,” says George, so Apple needed to get the product in front of people to teach them what it was.

On a high level, the Apple-Tesla comparison makes sense. Apple and Tesla are both tech companies, trying to market new takes on old products. For both companies, it’s about establishing the brand with customers.

On closer inspection, the comparison doesn’t really hold up. Even an expensive iPod is affordable. A $100,000 Roadster from Tesla is not.

“I’m thinking about 2019,” says George. “It’s important to educate people,” so they’re ready when Tesla offers the cheaper Model S, and other models.

Regardless of the comparison between the companies, Blankenship has taken a serious gulp of the Tesla Kool-Aid.

“Tesla defines a revolution. We’re changing the world here.”

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