Tesla is one of the most trusted car brands in Australia, according to new research

Aussies trust a Tesla.
  • Tesla has been named as one of the most trusted car brands in Australia, according to Roy Morgan.
  • The market research firm listed the top 10 trusted brands, with Japanese car brands Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Subaru and Nissan among the most trusted.
  • Also making the list were Mercedes-Benz and Ford.
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It seems Aussies trust Teslas.

Roy Morgan identified the most trusted car brands in Australia, with US-based Tesla cracking the top 10.

Research from Roy Morgan’s Risk Monitor – which asks Aussies to name brands they trust and distrust and the reasons why – found that Asian car companies dominated the list of trustworthy car brands in Australia.

The top six companies included five Japanese car brands – Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Subaru and Nissan – followed by South Korea’s Hyundai in sixth place. The results come only a month after Roy Morgan found Toyota was the most popular brand among Aussies looking to buy a new car in the next four years.

But coming in seventh place was US electric car brand Tesla, led by CEO Elon Musk.

“Tesla’s strong showing as a one of the most trusted automotive brands in Australia is unsurprising given its eco-credentials and innovative brand reputation,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said in a statement. “Tesla appears to be shaping the future of the car industry.”

Tesla was founded in 2003 and, according to Carsales, sold 2057 cars in Australia as of February 2019.

While Tesla might be trusted in Australia, the brand made headlines last month during the unveiling of its newest vehicle, the Cybertruck. The truck’s glass windows, which Musk suggested were stronger than that of a regular car, cracked during the demonstration.

Former Aussie car brand Holden, which stopped manufacturing cars in Australia in 2017, was absent from the top ten list. It comes after the brand announced it will end production of the Holden Commodore from 2020.

“Without a local manufacturing base Holden has become just another importer and has fallen well behind other car brands over the last few years. The low Net Trust Score for Holden highlights the risk facing the General Motors subsidiary over the next few years without solid local support,” Levine said in a statement.

Holden’s US rival Ford, however, managed to scrape into the list in tenth place. The only European brand to feature on Roy Morgan’s list was Mercedes-Benz.

These are the Top 10 trusted brands:

  1. Toyota
  2. Mazda
  3. Honda
  4. Subaru
  5. Nissan
  6. Hyundai
  7. Tesla
  8. Mercedes-Benz
  9. Kia
  10. Ford

Levine added that car companies need to keep a high level of trust to maintain or grow their sales.

“It’s well-known that Australia’s automotive market is in a rough spot at present with sales
of cars in Australia dipping in the last two years after reaching a record 1.189 million in 2017,” she said.

“Automotive sales declined by 3% in 2018 and have continued this decline so far in 2019.”

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