Tesla’s infotainment system is better than any other auto brand’s, according to Consumer Reports

The touchscreen in Tesla’s Model 3 sedan. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Tesla’s infotainment system is better than any other auto brand’s, according to Consumer Reports.

The publication ranked Tesla’s system above those of 27 competitors. Eighty-six per cent of surveyed owners reported being “very satisfied” with Tesla’s infotainment system, 6% higher than the runner-up, BMW. Tesla’s system received the highest rating for audio, calls, and navigation.

In addition to BMW, other automakers ranked in the top-five included Genesis, Ford/Lincoln, and Fiat Chrysler. Lexus’s system received the worst score, with just 46% of respondents saying they were very satisfied with it. Honda, Acura, Mazda, and Alfa Romeo also ranked in the bottom-five.

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Overall, 56% of respondents said they were very satisfied with their car’s infotainment system.

“A good system is one that’s easy to learn and easy to use every day,” Kelly Funkhouser, the program manager for vehicle usability and automation at Consumer Reports, said in an article accompanying the list. “It should be responsive, not sluggish, and have straightforward controls that are easy to identify and operate.”

Tesla model s
The infotainment in the Tesla Model S. Tesla

While vehicles have traditionally featured buttons and knobs to control interior settings, Tesla vehicles have used touchscreens to handle an increasing percentage of in-car functions. In the Model 3 sedan, nearly every setting is controlled through a 15-inch touchscreen.

Tesla’s vehicles have received a wide range of feedback from Consumer Reports. The company placed 19th among 33 brands in the publication’s 2019overall ranking of auto brands, and has topped the publication’s ranking of the most satisfying auto brands for three consecutive years. But Tesla was rated 27th of 28 brands in the publication’s 2019 ranking of the most reliable auto brands, and Consumer Reports placed Tesla’s Model X among its 10 least reliable vehicles.

Consumer Reports retracted its recommendation of the Model 3 in February due to quality issues, but the vehicle topped the publication’s 2019 owner satisfaction ranking for cars. The publication does not currently recommend the Model X or Tesla’s Model S sedan.

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