Kimbal Musk -- Elon's brother -- is giving away one of the first Tesla Model 3s ever made

Big GreenKimbal Musk and his Tesla Model 3.
  • On Tuesday, Kimbal Musk launched a campaign to raffle off his Tesla Model 3 to someone who donates at least $US10 to his agricultural nonprofit Big Green.
  • Big Green builds learning gardens in public schools so that students can learn the science behind growing fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Musk’s Tesla Model 3 was the sixth one ever built.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Kimbal Musk – Elon’s brother – owns one of the first Tesla Model 3s ever built.

Now he’s giving his $US60,000 ride to one lucky person who wins a contest. To enter, all they have to do is donate at least $US10 toward his food nonprofit, Big Green.

While Elon is known for his ventures in cars and space exploration, Kimbal has been on a mission to bring fresh produce to US cities for the past decade. In 2011, he launched a nonprofit program, called Learning Gardens, in 300 public schools. Part-playground, part-outdoor classroom, the learning gardens serve as spaces where students learn about the science of growing fruits and vegetables. To date, the organisation has built gardens in 500 schools.

In January, Musk took the organisation national and renamed it “Big Green.” He told BI that he plans to expand the program to four other cities, including Colorado Springs, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky; Long Beach, California; and San Antonio, Texas. The $US25 million effort could see 100 more gardens built in each location by the end of 2020.

The fundraising campaign, which began on February 20, will last until April 24. Musk will announce the winner, who will be picked randomly, on or around May 8.

Tesla Model 3s retail for as low as $US35,000, but with all the add-ons, Musk’s is valued at $US60,500. The car was the sixth Model 3 ever made.

In 2017, the Model 3 attracted $US1,000 deposits from over 400,000 people. But because of delays during Tesla’s manufacturing rollout, which Elon has called “production hell,” those customers will likely wait another year or more for a car.

Learn more about Musk’s Big Green campaign here.

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