REVEALED: Elon Musk's new 'top secret master plan'

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Tesla published an update to its “top secret master plan.”

Here it is:

  • Create solar roofs with integrated battery storage.
  • Expand the existing Tesla model line-up to include “all major segments” of the market.
  • Self-driving technology that’s “ten times safer” than manual driving.
  • Car-sharing, with which Tesla owners can earn money by essentially lending out their vehicles.

As noted earlier, the plan encompasses Musk’s vision of accelerating humanity’s exit from the fossil-fuel era, which involves Tesla and SolarCity.

Solar power

In creating its new solar solution, Musk calls for a “solar-roof-with-battery product” that allows users to generate their own power. The service would be managed via a mobile app, the plan notes. Musk adds that folding SolarCity’s operations into Tesla’s is necessary to make that happen.

More cars

As part of the plan to grow Tesla’s vehicle lineup, you can expect, a new, heavy-duty truck and what appears to be an all-electric solution for public transportation. “Both are in the early stages of development at Tesla and should be ready for unveiling next year,” Musk writes.

As noted around the same time the Model 3 was introduced, a smaller SUV is also on the way — which will share the same platform as the 3.

The new plan is a revision of the original, first published by Tesla in 2006. At the time, before the Model S and Model X were roaming the streets on Autopilot, Tesla set out to build a high-end car, a couple of affordable cars, and generate clean electric power, sans emissions.

In the meanwhile, Tesla has had marked success. The Model S has racked up multiple awards, and was the best-selling large luxury sedan in 2015. The mass-market Model 3 sedan debuted in March, raking in more than 325,000 orders in a matter of days.

Tesla’s high-flying success hasn’t been without drama. During the first half of 2016, Musk has been fighting battles on multiple fronts — trouble meeting production goals, fallout from the first fatality involving a Model S in May, pointed questions about the reliability of its Autopilot technology, and suggestions that it withheld key information from investors — to which Musk promptly called “BS.”

But, with much of the original “top secret” plan already in play, Musk clearly sees this as an opportunity to recalibrate.

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