Tesla’s Cybertruck has been called ‘ugly as sin.’ Here are 12 other cars that are considered the ugliest ever produced.


Tesla’s Cybertruck was unveiled last week to much criticism over its geometric, futuristic appearance and even called “one powerfully ugly vehicle” by Mashable.

However, Mashable wasn’t the only publication to criticise the new Tesla release. Forbes called the Cybertruck as “ugly as a sin” in a scathing review that compared the truck to the PontiacAztek. The Aztek has repeatedly been labelled one of the ugliest cars ever built.

Luckily for Tesla, peculiar-looking car designs don’t necessarily entail poor sales. The Cybertruck received more than 200,000 preorders after the unveiling of the vehicle, and AMC’s 1970s Gremlin, which was once called perhaps the most “most badly proportioned car ever built,” was one of the automaker’s best-selling cars, according to Automotive News.

The same sale outcomes can’t be said for Ford’s Edsel, though. The Ford, which was called “one of those ugly ducklings that never had a swan phase” by The New York Times, caused the automaker to lose $US350 million.

Keep scrolling to see what have been called some of the ugliest cars ever created, including the Cybertruck:

Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek. Getty Images

The Aztek was the car of choice for Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” but Car and Driver said the Aztek was “not cool.”

“It was and shall remain an irredeemable s— heap,” the review of the car added. “It was the antithesis of cool from the start.”

The Globe and Mail also had choice thoughts on the Aztek.

“If you set out to build a car that violated every principle of aesthetics, you would find it hard to beat the Aztek: slab-sided, hunchbacked and perched on roller-skate-sized wheels, the Aztec looks like the spawn of an unholy union between a Transformers toy and a Dustbuster vacuum,” the Canadian publication wrote.

The car was first released in 2001, but production halted five years later, according to Car Throttle.

Nissan Cube


The Cybertruck wasn’t the only vehicle that was labelled unholy.The Globe and Mail said the car had “multiple stylistic sins,” with windows that looked like they were pulled from a “Tolkien movie set or a bad Salvador Dali painting.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times called it an “air-hating box of ugly.”

“With high style and an even higher coefficient of drag, the Cube seems to have what it takes to captivate the living-in-the-parents’-basement set,” the LA Times review added.

1990 Pontiac Trans Sport


“Despite outward appearances, the ‘space vehicle of the 90s’ wasn’t something from another planet or an oversized household cleaning appliance, it was just a really hideous minivan,”Jalopnik said about the 1990 Pontiac Trans Sport.

The car was first created to be a competitor to the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager, according to Auto Evolution. However, the minivan generated fewer than 30,000 sales annually, according to How Stuff Works.

AMC Pacer


“Like avocado-coloured appliances, the Pacer is an enduring symbol of 1970s bad taste,” The Globe and Mail wrote. It also compared the Pacer to a “rolling fishbowl.”

The Pacer – which Jalopnik crowned one of the ugliest cars ever made – was first released in 1975 to press reviews that called it “futuristic” and “bold,” according to CBS News. However, production of the “world’s first wide-body compact” ceased in 1979, according to AxleAddict.

AMC Gremlin


“The Gremlin’s front end evokes a dog of questionable health and breeding,” The Globe and Daily Mail wrote in a scathing review of the AMC vehicle. “The Gremlin’s rear end was even worse, ending with an abrupt, strangely calculated angle that made the car look as though AMC had simply given up.”

Despite its appearance, the oddly named car was a success when it was first introduced in 1970, becoming one of the automaker’s best-selling cars, according to Automotive News.

Ford Edsel


The New York Times called the Edsel “one of those ugly ducklings that never had a swan phase.”

The car, which was released in 1957, caused the automaker to lose $US350 million because of lacklustre sales and cars that were delivered with issues such as oil leaks and trunks that wouldn’t open.

Toyota Prius


Before the Prius’ face-lift this year, Top Speed called the car “a double-chinned angry guppy that wants to eat your face” and the “strangest-looking car on the market.”

“The fourth-generation Prius has an aesthetic that could make children cry,” Kelsey Mays, Cars.com’s senior consumer-affairs editor, wrote on Cars.com.

Chrysler PT Cruiser


The PT Cruiser halted production in 2010, much to the delight of critics, including Jalopnik, which wrote that it was “a tough car to love.”

“The PT was a shrunken minivan, a bloated Neon, a car for families who needed something basic and leaned a little too hard on nostalgia,” Jalopnik added in its eulogy to the car. “After watching all the injustices over the years, we’re kind of glad that it’s been put to bed.”

Ford Taurus


Road and Track called the 1996 Ford Taurus the “saddest car ever made” because of its “basking-shark silhouette.”

Customers may have responded to the design too. The Taurus was the best-selling car in the US in the early ’90s, but sales sank after the ’96 model’s redesign, and it was beaten by the Toyota Camry in 1997, according to The Associated Press.

2014 Lamborghini Veneno


Edmunds placed the $US4.5 million car at the top of its list of the “100 Ugliest Cars of All Time.”

“Every supercar cliché and every bad idea Lamborghini ever had, stuffed into one overpriced showcar,” the automotive-information website Edmunds wrote on the list. “It’s the worst thing out of Italy since fascism.”

Luckily, only three examples of the Veneno were produced.

The Roadster version of the car recently fetched $US8.4 million at a Bonhams auction in Switzerland in September, making it the most expensive Lamborghini ever auctioned off, according to Bonhams.

Nissan Juke


The Nissan Juke has taken multiple hits from critics. The Guardian called it “short-muzzled, frog-eyed and magnificently ugly,” while Edmunds described it as “proudly peculiar and un-pretty.”Car Throttle also took a jab at the car, saying it looked like a “bulbous crossover” and a “fussy mess.”

However, the automaker defended its Juke.

“Great design often is polarising,” the Nissan spokesman Travis Parman told USA Today. “Juke is a fun car that allows for more assertive expression – which is exactly what many buyers want.”

Chevrolet Caprice


The Washington Post described the 1991 ChevyCaprice as a “whale-like hump” and a “beast.”

The whale analogy seemed to be a reoccurring theme for the car.Fortune called it a “beached-whale” car and “Dustbuster minivan” that was disliked by customers.

“Everybody said, ‘Wow, what an ugly car!'” Jerry Krampitz, who helped build the car at the factory, said in an interview with the magazine.

Tesla Cybertruck


The Tesla Cybertruck, which was unveiled on Thursday evening in Los Angeles, became the “butt of every internet joke,” according to CNN. This is because of its unconventional geometric design and “armoured glass,” which broke during a live demonstration that was meant to prove its strength.

Mashable also called the Cybertruck a “dollar-store knock-off Firefly from Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly.'”