Tesla Is Buying Back Roadsters To Boost Model S Sales

tesla roadster buy back model s

Photo: Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors has created a program to allow Roadster owners to trade in their current car for a credit on a Model S, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.Elon Musk’s electric car company built and sold 2,500 of the sports car, with two seats, no trunk space to speak of, and a lot of power.

The Model S, currently on sale for $57,400 to $105,400, is built to be more practical and comfortable.

Tesla, according to the Chronicle, will then re-sell the Roadsters to new buyers, for less than the original cost of the vehicle — $109,000. It estimates that a four-year-old car with 31,000 miles will cost $73,000; a two-year-old car with 2,900 miles will go for $93,500.

The program will give Tesla more vehicles to sell, while essentially locking previous customers into buying another one of their cars — it’s hard to imagine an owner selling back the Roadster for a credit he would not use.

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