Tesla CEO Elon Musk Shut Down A Company Chess Tournament Because, 'We Do Not Have Time For Chess'

Elon Musk Tesla

Last year, a Tesla employee thought it would be fun to set up a company-wide chess tournament.

This sort of thing is pretty common in companies. (For instance, we at Business Insider have a chess tournament, and a ping pong tournament.)

But when CEO Elon Musk found out about it, he shut it down before it started. He didn’t want anyone wasting any time, according to a source.

We reached out to Musk to see if this was true. He responded, “Indeed, we do not have time for chess.”

It sounds harsh, but Tesla Motors is still fighting to become a top car company and make widespread electric car use a reality. It’s not some fat, happy automobile company that’s been around for decades.

Musk needs everyone heads down, focused on building the next generation of electric cars. Just because it shipped the Model S doesn’t mean it’s anywhere close to being finished.

Still, chess isn’t that distracting, right? Sounds like Tesla is a tough place to work.

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