Tesla Autopilot won't be quite as 'auto' in the future

On a conference call with analysts after Tesla released third-quarter earnings on Tuesday, CEO Elon Musk said that the company would be making changes to its newly released Autopilot semi-self-driving feature.

Under certain circumstances, Autopilot allows drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel of a properly equipped Model S sedan, observing as the vehicle navigates a highway and changes lanes when directed.

This has prompted some owners to engage in what Tesla evidently considers risky behaviour — and posting videos on YouTube.

Musk said that the “crazy stuff” on YouTube “is not good.”

He explained that Tesla would be placing “additional constraints on when Autopilot can be activated.”

In response to subsequent questions, Musk also described the learning process that the Autopilot system has been going through and predicted that the technology would soon be “quite refined” in terms of the user experience.

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