The best new feature coming to Tesla's Autopilot system probably won't work in older cars

Tesla Motors is constantly improving its Autopilot system, which lets Tesla cars steer themselves, avoid obstacles, change lanes, and even self-park.

And it’s about to get way better. According to a TechnoBuffalo report, Tesla is already working on the next major version of its Autopilot system, called “Autopilot 2.0.”

There are plenty of interesting new features in “Autopilot 2.0,” but perhaps the biggest addition is the ability to recognise and react to stop signs and traffic lights — with zero input from the driver.

Unfortunately, it looks like this awesome feature won’t work in older Tesla cars. The report says a handful of “prototype Model S and Model X units are already operating in the wild sporting two forward-facing cameras,” which are apparently required for this feature to work.

We’ve reached out to Tesla. The company was not immediately available to comment.

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