Tesla Is Recalling Some Model S Electric Cars

tesla model sThe Tesla Model S.

Tesla Motors will recall Model S cars manufactured between May 10, 2013 and June 8, 2013, it announced this morning. 

During quality testing earlier this month, the electric car maker found the attachment strength of a mounting bracket in the second row seat may not be as strong as intended.

As a result, the seats in cars built during that period may not hold properly in the event of a crash.

In a blog post, Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out the weld has not detached on any car, and that there have been no customer complaints, injuries, or near injuries as a result of the defect. 

Tesla will contact affected customers, pick up their cars, and provide a Model S loaner car if necessary. According to Musk’s blog post, the repairs for each car will take only a few hours.

Musk did not mention how many cars are affected by this partial recall. In March, Vice President George Blankenship said Tesla is delivering about 500 cars each week. If that rate has not changed, the recall probably affects about 2,000 vehicles. 

This small recall is an early test of Tesla’s new and improved service program, introduced by Musk in April.

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