Tesla is taking the edge off its cars' insane acceleration with a new software update

Tesla Ludicrous 2Matthew DeBord/Business InsiderGet Ludicrous. Or Chill.
  • “Chill” mode reduces the snappiness of Tesla’s signature quick acceleration.
  • The new mode is part of the carmaker’s latest software update.

“Ludicrous” mode is one of those near-mythical Tesla features. An improvement on “Insane” mode — which was already quite fast — Ludicrous enables the top-end Model S P100D sedan to outrun the world’s fastest supercars on a drag strip.

If a 0-60 mph time of 2.3 seconds is your bag, you will love Ludicrous mode. Many people who have heard about Teslas but have never ridden in one immediately want to know about Ludicrous. The feature’s reputation precedes it.

However, as I’ve pointed out, Ludicrous in a four-door designed to haul around five people isn’t necessarily what you want. Even normal Tesla acceleration — quick no matter what thanks to the immediate maximum torque that electric cars develop — can be a bit much.

So with a software update released this weekend, Tesla has taken the edge off.

As Electrek reported, the lastest Tesla software will allow for choice between standard Standard acceleration and “Chill,” a more sedate option.

This is definitely a good move by Tesla. It also shows how the company can respond on the fly to customer concerns.

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