Terry Crews says there won't be any 'Idiocracy'-themed ads attacking Donald Trump after all

Idiocracy20th Century FoxTerry Crews in ‘Idiocracy.’

The internet went crazy in June when the screenwriter of cult classic “Idiocracy,” Etan Cohen, told Buzzfeed that he and the movie’s director Mike Judge (creator of “Silicon Valley”) were making fake anti-Donald Trump political ads. The ads would feature the movie’s over-the-top president, Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, played by Terry Crews.

But on Wednesday, Crews told Business Insider that the ads are no longer being made.

“It was killed,” said Crews, as he promoted an episode of Travel Channel’s “Celebrity Adventure Club” that he’s featured in. “Etan Cohen went out and said we were making anti-Trump ads, but we weren’t. I’m not anti-Trump, I’m not anti-Hillary [Clinton]. I’m not pro anybody.”

This all stems back to February when Cohen compared the presidential debates to “Idiocracy”:

The tweet became a trending topic and was reported on all over the internet. According to the Buzzfeed story, this motivated Cohen to reach out to Judge and they decided come up with ads satirizing Trump.

But Crews said the plan to was to make fun of everyone, not just Trump.

“We were literally going to show a cage match between Camacho, Hillary, Trump, [Ted] Cruz, all those people [running for president],” he said. “It was going to be funny. But when you make it an anti-Trump ad what’s funny about that? Now you killed the comedy. When you have totally picked a side, that’s not funny anymore. So I thought he killed it. Even Mike said it, he was like, ‘Dude, I don’t know what possessed him to call them anti-Trump ads because that’s not what they were.'”

Crews admits he’s been hearing the comparisons of Trump and his Camacho character since Trump announced he was running for president. And though he can see it, especially when compared to Trump’s dramatic entrance on the opening night of the Republican National Convention — “At the convention I was like, ‘This is a Camacho opening!'”
  —  he doesn’t want to be used as a tool for the people who do not support Trump.

“I’m not your gun,” he said. “That’s the clear message I’m trying to send.”

And when asked who he plans to vote for Crews replied: “That’s my private decision. And people are angry, I’m just like I’m not getting into that. I’m not that dude.”

Business Insider reached out to Judge and Cohen’s reps for comment, but have not received a response.

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