Terrorism Faux Pas: Federal Police ‘Sorry’ After Leaving Plastic Explosive Behind In Unclaimed Suitcase

That sort of thing would never happen to this man…

Move over Johnny English. Australian Federal Police (AFP) have apologised for leaving a “training device” in a suitcase at Sydney Airport last month.

The training device is described as weighing 230g and answering to the name plastic explosive.

It was found by a woman on Tuesday afternoon after she was given the suitcase containing the plastic explosive as a replacement for her damaged bag. She immediately took it to the Cessnock Police Station, where officers temporarily evacuated the building as a safety precaution.

The national coppers were running a canine training exercise at Sydney airport on 14 August when they forgot one small, important detail in tidying up before they left.

Fortunately, the 230g of explosive was not live.

AFP Sydney Airport Commander Wayne Buchhorn has apologised for the incident.

“The AFP takes this error seriously and the canine instructor who inadvertently left this device behind has been identified and will be the subject of a formal Professional Standards Investigation,” Commander Buchhorn said. “Although the travelling public was not in danger at any time, we regularly review our processes in this area, and we will do again in the light of this incident.

“On behalf of the AFP, I would like to thank the woman, her family and New South Wales Police, especially officers at Cessnock Police Station, for their assistance in this matter.”