Terror Plane Mashups: Meet The Finalists!

A couple of weeks ago some people who work for the government flew a jet plane low over New York City, and everyone went bananas.

The White House said the whole thing was a photo-op but refused to release the pictures. So everyone went bananas again, until the photo was actually released.

As it turned out, the photo kind of sucked. It was boring, and New Jersey was totally screwing things up by getting in the background of the shot. Lots of people wondered why the entire thing was even necessary. If they wanted a picture of Air Force One flying near the Statue of Liberty, why didn’t they just use photoshop? It’s a lot cheaper and quicker than flying the jet from DC to NYC, and no unsuspecting office workers would have been freaked out in the process.

Which gave us an idea. Why not make the picture better with photoshop? Take out New Jersey. Maybe add some new elements. So we asked readers to help us make the picture better through the magic of technology.

Now we’ve assembled the very best of your submissions. Click here to begin the Terror Plane Mashup slideshow. Vote in the poll at the end and let us know which is your favourite


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