The Faces People Make On Roller Coasters Are Awesome [PHOTOS]

Roller Coaster Face


think you’re tough. Yeah you can take it. This is only a roller coaster. Totally safe, totally engineered to give you a thrill. You’ll contain your composure.Yeah right.

You will make faces and you will scream and make noises like “Ho ho ho!” and “Squeeee aaiii eeeee!” and close your eyes like a terrified mouse. If you’ve ever seen the pictures the theme parks snap of you while on the coaster then you already know this. 

I recently made a holiday trip to Universal Studios Orlando Florida and took a few minutes to capture some rider expressions as they hit the first big drop on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, which features a 17-story, straight down drop and speeds of 65 mph. 

Are you ready for summer? What kind of roller coaster rider will you become? 

It starts off simple enough, with a humble 90 degree drop from 17 stories. But if you look closer...

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