One Of The NBA's Best Dunkers Describes What It's Like To Dunk In Games

Terrence Ross dunkJim Mone/APTerrance Ross can throw down some nasty dunks.

The Toronto Raptors’ Terrence Ross has earned his reputation as one of the NBA’s best dunkers.

He’s a high-flying wing with a 38-inch vertical who won the 2013 dunk contest, and has put several players on highlight reels.

Talking to Raptors reporter Holly MacKenzie, Ross gave a zen-like description of what it’s like to dunk in the game.

“You’re zoned out. You never really hear [the crowd], it happens so fast. It’s something you do and then you’re like, ‘Yeah ok, cool. I just dunked. Got a little dunk. That’s nice,’ but after that it’s whatever.

“You can’t explain it,” a chuckling Ross continued. “It’s more emotion, like a habit. It’s just something that kind of happens. It’s not like I plan on going up and doing whatever I do.”

In the interview, Ross claims that his vicious dunk on Kenneth Faried last season was not high on his list of favourite dunks. Instead, he claims that his recent alley-oop finish against the Utah Jazz was his favourite dunk because, “I was honestly just trying to like lay it up or shoot it in, or do whatever, but I got so close to the rim I actually dunked it. It was one of my hardest dunks I’ve ever done.”

He dunked this:

Yeah, ok, cool. Got a nice little dunk.

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