Welcome To Terra Vivos: The Underground Shelter For Those Who Want To Ride Out The Apocalypse In Luxury


Photo: Courtesy of Terra Vivos

What can get the housing bubble rising again? How about the fear bubble.Real estate developer Robert Vicino has built a luxury fallout shelter at an undisclosed underground location in the California desert, with plans to build more shelters across the country (via Popsci).

Buying your own room at Terra Vivos costs around $50,000 or $25,000 for kids.

Not cheap, but the amenities are nice, and we’re less than two years from the Mayan Apocalypse.

Here's one of the social hubs

This will be your bathroom

This is your living module -- 100 square feet of space per resident

Your sleeping module -- don't worry, it comes stocked with clothes

The Entertainment Room -- comes stocked with movies

The dining room -- comes stocked with food

Underground hospital beds, naturally

Is that a dentist chair?

Here's HOW THE WORLD WILL END (see minute: 1:35)

Where else can you flee? Check out...

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