Tennis Player Quits Sport After Being Bullied On Social Media

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Rebecca Marino is a 22-year-old tennis player from Canada. But Marino said at a press conference that she is quiting tennis because of an on-going battle with depression that was just made worse by cyberbullying (via Daniel Girard of the Toronto Star).”Social media has also taken its toll on me,” said Marino, who was once ranked as high as no. 38 in the world. She noted that her battle with depression started before the cyberbullying, but that receiving messages such as “go die,” and “go burn in hell” in social media forums contributed to her illness.

According to Marino, at least some of the threatening messages came from gamblers that had lost money betting on her in tournaments. Ultimately, she said she is no longer “willing to sacrifice [her] happiness…to play tennis.”

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