A Tennessee mother was arrested after she left her 1-year-old alone in a parked car while she was at a bar on New Year’s Eve, reports say

  • A 25-year-old Tennessee mother left her child in her vehicle to drink at a local bar on New Year’s Eve, the Daily Beast reported.
  • According to WTVC-TV reported citing an affidavit, a person noticed Sylvie King’s one-year-old child in her car near the bar alone then notified police.
  • King was charged with disorderly conduct, child neglect, and public intoxication, according to WTVC-TV.
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A Tennesse mother was apprehended after being accused of ditching her child in her vehicle to drink at a bar during New Year’s Eve, according to the Daily Beast.

Sylvie King, 25, of Chattanooga, Tennessee was in a bar when a person noticed a one-year-old inside of her parked car near the establishment, WTVC-TV reported citing an affidavit. The person proceeded to break the window to recover the child then notified law enforcement, according to the outlet.

The affidavit said police alerted bar security to call for the owner of the car. Although she didn’t initially respond, King eventually went towards the officers and was described as acting “irate and belligerent” in the affidavit when questioned about her child in the vehicle alone, according to WTVC-TV.

Officers also said detected a “smell a heavy odor of alcohol” coming from King’s body along with distorted speech and red eyes, according to the affidavit. The baby’s grandma picked her up at the scene of the incident, the news station reported.

According to WTVC-TV, King was charged with disorderly conduct, child neglect, and public intoxication.

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